Adam and Eve actually existed!

Wow, i must say, life appreciates me and gives me presents constantly! I found myself not only enjoying being a waitress, but also working among strong believers – Christians, Coptics (Copts from Egypt).  I guess i already told some of you that the second thing (after their name) that i was told by chefs and bosses was that they are christians (of course, so i wouldn’t think that they are by any chance muslims). Well all right, i thought, it matters to you so ok, you tell me what you think is important. I told them, i think, as a second thing that i study here 🙂

Anyway, now it’s been a month since i’ve been working in MANOLO 🙂 and i’ve had couple of extremely interesting conversations… Felt a bit like in a movie “Religulous“ i strongly recommend watching it if you haven’t seen it yet!

First i had a talk with one chef – 26 year old egyptian. Has wife but calls me princess. Believes in God (i think, more, Jesus, but they are the same “weight“ for me, sorry…) and thinks that everything, simply EVERYTHING is true what the bible and all the testaments say.  Had sex only once before marriage and felt extremely bad afterwards. Got married with a polish girl after one year of relationship and had sex only the first night after wedding. Well ok, i think, you’re young and crazy, but you seem happy so no problem here 🙂

The other talks i’ve been having with my boss… they’re difficult and “heavy“ as he says. Also egyptian – born and raised there, however after military he moved to the Netherlands… he decided that muslims are taking over the country and he feels minority which he doesn’t like.  (begi nuo vilko, ant meskos pataikai as lithuanians say… but that’s another story)

So i’ve been having these talks with my boss, cus he decided that he trusts me and that he has too many problems on his mind… the man is 45 years old – hard working, god loving, faithful to his wife, willing to do everything for his 9year old daughter and still… the result of our talks – he is getting divorced. But that is also another story – just wanted to paint you a little picture before i get to the most interesting part (for me).

He spent 2 hours telling me all the “true“ things from the bible. Did you know that Adam and Eve “happened“ 7-8 thousands years ago?

We don’t know how long is God’s day, because nobody says anything about it. It is Adam that counted how many hours there is in a day. So it might be that it took ages for God to create our planet (yeahhh… let me think about it…)

Christianity, according to George, is freedom. It is more free and open that the Netherlands even 🙂 i quote:  “You can do everything according to our religion, but not everything is suitable for you.“  Well, i didn’t want to get in too much there, but i think i would find some contradictions in his speeches about how miserable he feels and what he’d like to do…

Yes, if you are wondering about dinosaurs – they existed too. Some time ago. Cus appearently, God didn’t create Adam and Eve right away after creation of the Planet.  I guess he wanted to enjoy it a bit by himself…

Darwin, by the way, didn’t know what he was speaking about. How, on earth,  can humans be outcome of nature?! We are soooo much better. We can think (sometimes we like to believe that) and we can make mistakes – free of charge (sometimes:), but seriously, Jesus went on a cross so we could make mistakes free of charge. All you need to do after that is pray and you’ll be tabula rasa again!!!

The last, but far from the least – i will reveal you something that will change your perception FOREVER 😀

Islam is NOT a RELIGION (says my boss)!!!!

Let me be clear about this – i totally disagree, but i can listen to it.  However we did not define WHAT exactly is religion, but still this sentence got me out of a chair almost. Islam is just craziness like blond hair you know 😀 I mean according to him it’s just a fashion and there is nothing to believe in. Allah means God in Arabic so it’s not even a name of God it’s just the normal God 🙂 I wonder, can you translate Buddha?..

The only thing that we agreed upon was actually the crucial one (at least for me) – in order for a human being to be happy he has to “satisfy“ three components:

1. Body

2. Mind and heart

3. Soul (spirit)

And all of them are of the same importance.

Have a nice day, my friends.



8 Komentaras

  1. ET said,

    balandžio 18, 2010 at 14:53

    bandymas dėl nuotraukos

  2. myliupasauli said,

    balandžio 18, 2010 at 21:03

    Veikia nuotraukyte 🙂

  3. Braske said,

    balandžio 22, 2010 at 14:43

    buvau suzaveta. nuosirdziai 🙂
    1. istorijos ( 😀 )
    2. nuostabiai rislios anglu kalbos

  4. zerodaysoft said,

    balandžio 23, 2010 at 17:40

    You are not right.

  5. RascalLT said,

    balandžio 26, 2010 at 21:35

    everyone must have a set of beliefs, a personal order of things, so to say. and since people are different, they believe in different things. we can only marvel at the elegant metaphors and preachings each of them uses for the good and beauty arround us.

  6. myliupasauli said,

    balandžio 27, 2010 at 01:47

    yep, as long as they don’t hurt themselves and the others with THEIR sets of beliefs…

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