A sign of healthy society and people?

As some of you might know, today happened the first BALTIC PRIDE in Lithuania – for the first time, legally, people were aloud (after many troubles) to march couple of hundred meters with flags and posters for the equal rights of LGBT.

Unfortunately, i was not able to participate, but i would have loved it – anyway, what i want to talk about here is the three (four) sides of interests  in this country, regarding LGBT rghts and human rights in general.

One clear side – people who care about human rights (and not pretend caring about it) and actually speak out loud, march, hold conferences, have organizations etc.

Second – people who are on the opposite side, they shout, threaten, throw stones and other things, act like animals (sorry, but it seems like it when one looks at them),  blame president and other politicians, police and all institutions who actually try somehow to solve it (not necessary with wise solutions, but still…)  – well, you get the picture – aggressive, usually young and middle aged people, skinheads, radicals and the ones who feel that the society should be governed by power and “normality“ – sorry for labeling, but you get the picture better, don’t you?

Third party is the church and “real“ catholics – they are also extremely against – as you can imagine – however, what they do is they pray and turn to everyone with statements that these people (homosexuals) are sick, they need to be treated, they want to destroy the country, the traditional values, families, they have a conspiracy theory how to overtake the state etc. Well, yeah, they do not throw stone and are not aggressive (maybe because majority of them are older or young mothers with their small kids), but they control many people, they, unfortunately, have influence to the governmental institutions (even if the constitution separates religion from the state) – they cry and pray and believe things that are made up (and of course, they make things up themselves).

Fourth party is not really formed, i mean these people probably have never met or never planed their action, but they exist and i would like to encourage them to take the right side in this craziness. These are the people – public people who shut their mouths and say nothing – these are the people who do not raise their voices because of FEAR, not  fear to be beaten up or have your car’s window broken, but fear not to be elected, not to get governmental money, support, win a EU fund etc etc. These people are afraid of showing what they really think and are afraid of making a difference, standing not only for themselves, but for the society, for the future health of it.

As my boyfriend has written in a discussion about this march – Lithuania is going through a very nasty puberty… Let’s hope that it makes it through. Yes, we are in nasty times, but without people who do stand up, we won’t make it through and not even the big sister EU can help us…

Our teenage country is sick and the remedy lies withing education, wise people raising their voice, clever media ( i’m not that naive, i know media will always take sides, but at least in some occasions – take the right side… e.g. while covering today’s events two of the main portals were writing quite different things – even the titles of the articles – 1. – March “For Equal Rights“ blah blah blah and the 2. – March of homosexuals blah blah blah – do you see the difference?..), young people who are more critical, open minded towards the world and most importantly… care for the other…


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  1. mažylis said,

    gegužės 9, 2010 at 21:55

    If we look symmetrically, shouldn’t those opposing the march be just as tolerated by the marching ones as the marching ones want to be tolerated? Is there such thing as being tolerant towards intolerance? The “never say never“ problem 🙂

  2. sausio 4, 2011 at 12:54

    […] A sign of healthy society and people? May 2010 2 comments 5 […]

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