From Amsterdam to Berlin, prototype of eating, loving and almost praying :)

Ages since i wrote in Eng, so it’s not even about time, but it’s way too late – still, let me make it up for you 😉

Since we live a beautiful life in Amsterdam and have a few beautiful people who come visit the city and then, by a convenient chance, us – I decided to encourage rest of you to do the same 😉 I even stole an idea to buy a guestbook… 😛

Couple of months ago, among other nice people, two dear ones decided to come celebrate one’s birthday here – nice food, good mood, great weather, what else do you need? 🙂

So my danish sister Charlotte and her husband Bo came. One night after couple of glasses of wine we agreed that Arnas and I will visit them in Berlin – at that point we did not imagine that this visit will basically be about walking a bit, meaning, pretending to be tourists, but mostly about delicious food…

Last week, in a movie theater i watched Eat, Pray,Love and loved it, i know i know… might sound a bit cheesy, but please, this could be an amazing theory of life – i want to adopt it and internalize so it becomes purely me 🙂

Berlin gave me the impression that it constantly struggles with whatever is “fashionable“, you know… we even were joking that the building, renovating, reconstructing of the city continues from the beginning of last century. It’s spacious, yet heavy. It’s grey, yet creative. It’s multicultural, yet german (culturally and stylistically) dominated. Have to admit that i’m using my hunch here mostly – share if you’ve experienced something else!

All in all, i can honestly say, i liked the feeling of being miniature in that huge pile of blocks and bricks. I loved the possibilities to eat whatever, wherever i wished for. I was not afraid of terrorists’ threats and swearing and sulky Russians. Thank you, Charlotte and Bo for having us and thank you, Arnas, for bearing with me ;)*



Now it’s Your turn to come see “our“ City and show us “Yours“!!!!

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  1. ramutis said,

    vasario 16, 2011 at 18:45

    Visai netycia radau MYLIU PASAULI, tai ir pavarciau. Ten pagrinde jaunimui,bet ir man idomu. Truputi tarp eiluciu randu ir kaip tu gyveni.
    Zinoma nepriekaistausiu, kad neparasai. Kur jau ten. Juk to laiko taip maza.
    Nuosirdziai linkiu sekmes (zinoma ir nuo Nijoles). RT

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