20 years of fighting

If you are reading this, you probably know more about Lithuania, than the fact that the country exists and where it is located. Well, i am glad for that not only because you are an educated person, but also because today i want to talk about my own country a bit more in depth and from a different perspective.

Yes, it has been triggered because of the date, 20th anniversary of a terrible night in a path for freedom of this country.  Yes, i am not very patriotic in everyday life and even skeptical and cynical for current situation of Lithuania, yet i want to give back the honor debt  for the people who were there that and many other nights and days.

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2SvhDY23So&playnext=1&list=PL68FB3F495004A7F2&index=98

What do you say? People with songs are trying to protect their country, most of the people have never lived in a free and independent country, some of them have been exiled to Siberia and came back (usually by foot) and some of them were that young that understood what was happening unconsciously and could not place words yet knew that it is crucial and necessary in the history of this country…

What is happening now in the country is shameful and paradoxical. People are doing deeds that give profit only to their own pockets which is so opposite from what people were hyped with 20 years ago. It was an atmosphere which made everyone better, i believe in it. I believe that united people have a chance to become better or worse and that event was an outcome of simple civilians becoming better.

The country is still fighting – there are many sides and, i guess, the worst enemies of freedom, tolerance and good are winning – here you go, my skepticism is blooming. I am sorry, this should be only about the January 13th events, but i cannot take out one event and praise it without looking at the current situation. My tears are coming down, my hearts is weeping for the goodness and badness of the same people 20 years ago and now.

Nowadays Lithuanian “experts“ say that young people would not unite and fight with bear hands and songs for their country. I believe they would. I would. However, i am a freak, because i feel i would fight for any country if i would just live in it at the needed moment. I appreciate freedom and real democracy in the world and i want to belong to any country as little as possible…

It’s a weird creature this human being – words can be so meaningful and yet mean nothing and stay only in a form of words, no actions, no deeds…

Tonight i will raise a glass for the ideals that were in people’s minds 20 years ago and for their braveness to fight.  Also at my table tonight will be sitting a Latvian young person which is quite symbolic, because you want it or not, the Baltics are one block…

Please, raise a glass tonight of whatever you drink for freedom and independence, because it is still lacking in many places on the globe.


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