Where did I leave my heart?


Lithuania, first volunteer group to Abudis, 2011 Oct – Dec.
Volunteered in the youth center Dar Assadaqa, Al Quds university and the high school Arab Institute.

A weird thing happened to me just as I already thought that I’ve seen more or less all kinds of human emotions, realized the limits of my personal attachment to the misery of the others and exhausted the reasons to laugh and cry at the same time together with and for complete strangers…

And then – Palestine came my way, I do believe that there is a proper reason for saying (at least in Lithuanian) that best things happen unplanned. Palestine has definitely not been on my top 10 destinations or working places (now, two years later, must say it is my no. 1), but the gut feeling told me to apply and go for it and could not have turned out better.

Alexis, Summereen, Joe and myself were the first group to go to Abudis – the adventure and challenge in itself! Wise people say that it is better to regret something that you’ve done instead of something that you haven’t done, in this case – the idea to regret anything has not even crossed my/our mind… I fell in love completely with people, country, smiles, sincerity, hospitality even the problems, the things that I don’t agree with, the only place I could get my cappuccino (by the wall) and many other details that make up the whole life… I am so much in love with the whole situation there that a day does not go by when I don’t think or do something for my people. Yes, I am back to my home country, Lithuania and there are mountains of work to be done regarding the knowledge and awareness of people here – I am well on my way. My country should know better about the absurdity of occupation. I have woken up and I will wake up the others.
It would be impossible and rather meaningless to try and count the help and support in quantity… I would prefer counting it in results or better – one result – the freedom of the Palestinians and Palestine.
I will not get tired. My heart which belongs to Palestine will not get weary. The people that I have met and keep meeting give me strength and motivation, love and hope therefore we will one day win.11

Thank you, CADFA, Alexis, Summer and Joe, thank you Abudis for adding the missing peace to my life and stealing my heart!


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