I’ve been so concerned with other people’s physical freedom, that I forgot my inner one…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdOykEJSXIg – a good one. Explains the cost of freedom. Explains that one should not or does not care about the cost of freedom. I might add – one should not care about the cost of freedom weather it is physical, emotional, intellectual or any other that one might feel the need for…
Recently, I’ve put myself second or maybe third. I enjoyed it while it lasted. Today, I felt that I must put an end to that otherwise, I’m gonna loose myself and my freedom. I will not trade it for anything. I will put my mental health first as I see that I will be a lost soul thus not able to dedicate myself to those others who are deprived of any kind of the big F (of, that capital letter might sound controversial…).

My freedom needs space and air and independence, my freedom needs alone time while I am free not to think about anyone. Funny thing – i don’t feel free at all when my thoughts are coming back to anyone… I feel much better if I’m connected to a thing, a place, a land, A THOUGHT!!! But I cannot stand being tied to a person. Does it come from a hurting place – past? I hope not. Is that too naive to think so?


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