Time to publish. Writen a long time ago. THE FIRST KISS.

ok, imagine, that you are atracted to a girl

THE girl if you please


she would have the most beautiful eyes

and her face would make you feel at home

her hair would smell of the fresh mountain air and her lips would be soft and ripe as wild strawberries

she would lean towards you and you would feel blood rushing through your veins all the veins the blood would pump up

to your brain

to your eyes to your chest

to the middle of your body

to the knees and feet

your hands would start shaking, yet very slightly so only you would know it

you know now

the kiss is going to happen

the breathing becomes calm

you lean and touch the lips very carefully

the lips are closed the girl is holding your shoulder as if she wanted to feel safe in your arms

so you touch the lips

with your beautiful lips

you feel it coming

you cannot concentrate and think about anything proper

you just want to make it right and feel everything what can be felt

there it goes

you both open your mouths just a little bit

you are afraid to feel her tongue and you want it at the same time

you want to know what it is like to go into each other

you press her head harder in your hand towards your lips

because the passion is taking over

you are moving your head but you dont know how and why it just feels natural

you are pressing her into your hands and she trembles from the sweetness of your kiss

it goes on foerver

the open mouths, the long tongues

the sweetness and happiness to feel each other

just overwhelmes you

and you want to do it forever and ever

you quickly learn how to catch a breath while your into her and you just keep kissing just keep rolling that tongue around

with closed eyes and the soft skin

of her face

the smell of her hair

if you really like her it will go on for hours

if you just wanted that sweet moment, it will go for a minute, but it will be as sweet and bitter as the dark chocolate slowly melting in your mouth…

so you finish the kiss with a tiny little short kiss or two or three

and you have a choice to start all over again or just look at each other and be happy


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