Silent treatment. Dedicated to all the people who believe in it.

the_Silent_Treatment_by_brandokayYou know those people and those situations where silent treatment is in place… For those who are not familiar with the term – it basically means that for whatever reason somebody suddenly stops communicating with you (off course, it is also possible that YOU do it to that someone…). When I say “stops communicating“ – I literally mean – no sign of being alive! Now in these current times it is quite easy to find out if the person is actually still alive or not and as a rule, s/he is… they just have killed the communication skills that once have worked (and usually very well) with you… In my experience, it always happens very suddenly.
Now, you can torture me and I will actually tell you that i never know (can only guess and always doubt if the guess is correct) WHY.
And you know what – that kills me the most. A simple WHY. Yes, this one is quite simple, it does not have to consist of philosophical answers nor deliberations. It only actually would take you to get some bloody courage and open your mouth. I know I should not say so, but I cannot stand cowards… and when I use this term, I particularly dedicate it to moral cowards. Coward who is afraid to look inside her/himself and face the inner fears, truths, wishes and limitations.

So YOU give me your silent treatment when YOU fear YOURSELF or is it that you fear me? You will never admit that you could fear anything at all though, right?
Look, I’ve been raised with the help of the silent treatment. I CAN handle it, but it doesn’t mean that it is healthy or helpful (to you, me or the connection)…
The thought that you can punish someone most probably is comforting in the beginning only and later on (sooner or later) you have to face the reality – and it will hurt you (both – the reality and the “punishment“).
You could try arguing that stopping any communication without ANY explanation is a way to go… and I would just ask one question… in a long run, do you feel alright..? I mean really, do you feel ok, comfortable with yourself and your actions? If so, I am sorry, I have no time nor energy for you. If not, then why do it in the first place?
My advice is (a very genuine advice) – make up your mind, be courageous, tell me if something went wrong, talk to me, explain and I will accept it. I might not understand, but I will always accept and respect the free will of a human being…



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