The way we numb and distract ourselves… Intentionally.

Emotional-Numbness1-300x246This piece does not intend to make you feel guilty…it would if I would believe that guilt will result into the adequate actions…even if sometimes it does, I do not approve nor believe that “doing a right thing” because somebody else says so is “a right thing”… One has to feel it in the guts, one has to understand that there is no other way in life. If a question whether something is right or wrong arises, most probably, it is wrong. That’s it.

There my religion example plays out very efficiently – if you do good in
life only because “somebody is watching” and you want to live a wealthy life after the death (I am sorry, but nobody came back from there proving that there is a life there at all, but oh well, we’ll leave that for another discussion) as a reward then screw you. I am sorry, I have no patience today to cover it with cotton candy…

Screw you, because honestly, you do not care about another human being, you just want to spend your minutes, hours and days rolling with a careless deception. You think (most probably, you don’t, but IF/WHEN you do) that this kind of life is better, easier for you (yes, I am pointing at selfishness).


We are crudely bombarded with all possible tools, ingredients and recipes on how to distract us from us. When the information (usually not even very clear nor objective) about people’s (numbers and nationalities) death somewhere near or far is presented next to a “new” diet, celebrities haircut, fashion or even our elected politician’s corruption scandal not forgetting “breaking news” in sports, world cups and earned salaries, it is truly impossible to believe that people can prioritize themselves. It is naïve and ridiculous to think that the mix of meaningless cold words does not level out and become another injection for lifelong numbness… How can you care if you were never taught to care about the ones whom you have never met nor will meet… In fact, you were fed with everything what is opposite to caring about the other human being.

You were taught to run your errands no matter what and if something changes it immediately becomes uncomfortable – perceived as going out of your way to do something else – you have to change your routine. No good.


It can be the most horrifying news on TV, radio, internet or from friend’s lips, but you will still get your coffee/tea in the morning, look at the mirror and evaluate whether you look good or can look better, are you having a good hair day or not, you will listen to the music that makes you smile (at least inside), you will be concerned about the small things in your house, work, street and city. You will continue your “normal” (hate that word) life imagining that only by hearing and “knowing” what is happening in the world you are already a better person, but this “knowledge” will not make you change ANYTHING. NOTHING in your perception, actions, attitudes towards yourself and the others. You do not understand that there are people JUST LIKE YOU who cannot know if they will get up the next morning at all. Maybe tonight their house will be bombarded because somebody thought that what they believe in is wrong. Somebody is beaten, tortured, threatened, raped, killed every second and WE are that somebody’s neighbor, brother, sister, colleague, classmate…

These people are hostages of OUR carelessness. The level of absurd has risen so high that we all know when the bullshit is being spoken out loud. Nobody even believes the bullshit about the Human Rights, tolerance, respect, value of human life, equality etc. anymore (when the politicians, gun makers and lobbyists of international profit based companies), however it does not prevent us to nod with serious faces and feel better about ourselves because somebody said it “right” and we “agree”.

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

I can almost bet that if you’re still reading this you are about to stop soon because it does not taste good. You would say – it is too heavy; I cannot do anything so why make my life miserable if the change does not depend on me or, what is worse in my eyes, you can say that FIRST one needs to take care of the people close to him/her… yeah, well, here’s the news flash for you – SECOND never comes with that logic.

Look, you have become so numb that you don’t even know it. It’s like the dead skin on your heels. It is think numbness that you still try to smoother with feet cream. Useless spending of the money. Get rid of that skin and you will feel the reality under your feet. Luckily we have enough neurons to pass that reality up to the “thinking organ” (no no, higher than the middle of the body). Train your brain more than your physical body, put it on diets and make it go to the gym, because the body is just a frame for the content. Yes, I also want my frame to shine, but you know what, luckily my brain tells me that it will not become smarter or “stupider” depending on the effulgence of the “frame”.

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

The bottom line is – I don’t even care if you will agree or not, but it I as true as the fact that what you read right now made you a bit angry or at least dissatisfied – that all is one in this world. We are one. Therefore if you will be “working on” only yourself – balanced, healthy, happy life and all of that “couching” hype – nothing around you will actually change for the better…wei-wu-wei-in-order-to-be-effective-truth-must-penetrate-like-an-arrow-and-that-is-likely-to-hurt

We all need to fucking wake up and do something instead of hiding beyond the distractions all around (money and power being the biggest ones). We need to realize that another human being is an extension of me. We feel very bad if a part of us gets damaged (ie my car, my house) when that part is a THING, but we change a channel and go pour more wine when yet another day we hear about another attack on Gaza, more death in Syria, burning monks in Tibet, kidnapped girls in Nigeria and so on and so on…

I sometimes get tired too. I want to shut down and not open my mouth for days. But my heart is failing. It stops pumping blood every time I see, hear or feel the suffering of a human being. True suffering, not the one which is based on numbness and hedonistic distractions…


You tell me you hate your job, on a good day I will tell you – I am so sorry, but on a day like today, I will tell you shut up and do something about it instead of whining. You tell me you have a happy life and all you need in it, I will ask you what you have done for the other who doesn’t. You talk to me about how busy you are and have no time for absolutely nothing else, I will most probably eventually move away from your life, secretly hoping that the time that I’m saving for you can be dedicated to someone or something that is much more worth it…

Maybe it comes with age, but I cannot pretend anymore that it is ok to intentionally turn away from the things because they might be uncomfortable, difficult or unpleasant to look at/be close to.

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

GAZA YESTERDAY, 2014 07 08

Teach your children that there is nothing NOTHING more important than a life (be it a human being or an animal). And the life is a lie if you hypocritically and intentionally choose to look at some things ignoring the other things. It is simply a lie after which another lie does not appear (referring to the afterlife here.)

I am not pushing you. Don’t worry. But for every action there is a reaction or a consequence, let’s just hope there is time… It took me almost 30 years of an extremely privileged life to come to these conclusions… It would be a lie not to preach them…




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