For all my international friends. I am writing as a human being (as always) AND as a Lithuanian (rarely)

In the context of the current times, when there are countries which still fight for their freedom, when people’s lives are constantly lost due to violence, stupid money and plain wish of power, when on the individual level we tirelessly seek for more humanism, education, understanding and tolerance… I, WHO AM FIRST OF ALL A HUMAN BEING, JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE ON THIS PLANET, am also a LITHUANIAN. Born and raised.
I am one of those people who was incredibly lucky to be witnessing the times of struggle, the times of UNITY and joy over the victory and a REGAINED FREEDOM. I also witness now the continued struggle and dispersed unity over the ways in which our country should keep getting better, wiser and more open.
I will always fight for freedom. People’s freedom, openness, sovereignty and happiness which comes ONLY with the care and love for the other.
I very rarely write about my LITHUANIA, I sometimes take it for granted, I also get angry and disappointed in our ways of dealing with internal and external issues…
…but the truth is, there is nothing worse than not to have the chance of making these mistakes, and not to have a process of growth at all…
…not to have freedom which comes with an amazing amount of responsibility.

Please, take a look at these beautifully made pieces about one part of our (the Baltic!!!) struggle and joy. 


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