I am Ahmed, Charlie, Gaza, Swat (and many other forgotten places and concepts) and I am leaving to Nigeria

DSC_0062Tomorrow early morning will board the plane which will take me to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Yes, the same Nigeria which is being slandered in the news every day (well, not in the LIthuanian news…) and whos thousands of people are being killed way too often yet not many mourns those people worldwide… No news here. We mourn only those are like us. We mourn thos who we don’t know yet perceive as if they COULD be like us. For some it is religion, for some, it is color of the skin, place of birth, education, political views etc.

I know that most of you who will be reading this are elevated above all of that and feel like you can mourn anyone just because he/she is a human being and that’s why you are the people I know. At the end of the day, we all melt and swim around in our circles of likeminded and preach about what we think is right…

I strongly believe it is right to go out of my way and do all I can to increase some sort of understanding, respect, conversation, honesty and openess.

Have been thinking about what to write here conserning my future trip (election observation mission in Nigeria, managed by the European Commission, duration – 2 months) for days now and nothing proper comes to my mind yet so many things are actually happening, not only in my little head, but so much more around. Mainly sadness and unfairness. Sometimes it seems too difficult to fight back and even more difficult to take it in, make sense of it… It doesn’t flow within me, there is no smoothness in the matters that are evolving…

People call me crazy and not appreciating my life yet I say, this is the least I can do. I will never stop, sit and settle, because I see no point in it. Then what? Just feeding my hedonistic passions. Taking care of the people around me? Sorry, was not raised this way, so do not ask from me the things I’m incapable of delivering.

Take me as I am for I come as I stand… and if not, then I bid you farawell even if the whole world shouts the opposite….we very well know how hypocritic the majority is… that’s why I am Ahmed, I am all the dying hungry chidlren, I am the freezing people of Gaza, I am the improsined sons and daughters of Palestinian mothers, I am the Pakistani children that were brutally killed and are being targeted every day…

DSC_0070I am the 10 year old girl who was forced to be a suicide bomber in Nigeria…yet I am all the children soldiers who know other way than to stay alive and grow to be brutal and insane militia leaders who do the same as what was done to them… I am an atheist, muslim, christian, budhist and a jew, yezidi and many others.. I am a homosexual and transexual…

I am all who is subjected by another human being to suffering.

I am the one who could give her life for all of these people and more if it would only bring a bit of sanity to the rest…

Having said that does not eas nor explain what is inside of me, that’s why it is a bad day for writing, however, the trip starts tomorrow and just wanted to bid you a short “see you soon“. Not planning to not come back alive.

But if the worst happens. Sing and dance Michael Jackson in my funeral and be good to each other and yourselves.

Love you all.



5 Komentaras

  1. captainjaq said,

    sausio 11, 2015 13:14

    Please come back… I don’t want to have to sing and dance to Michael Jackson 🙂

    • myliupasauli said,

      sausio 11, 2015 13:19

      I will I will. But no need to fear the possibilities… even if they are unrealistic 😉

  2. Ibrahim said,

    sausio 11, 2015 13:55

    You will go in peace and will come back in peace(Insha Allah).
    Our prayers and thoughts are with u and all your collugues who make sacrifices.
    The people of nigeria welcome you with open arms.
    God bless you all.

  3. rascallt said,

    sausio 12, 2015 13:50

    Good luck, go in peace and and take fun with you!

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