Greece, Kos island – at the height of the “Grexit“

A few times in my life I have had a popular holiday and even less times (exactly, none) I have gone to a very very “charter flighted“ destination, yet this summer was my “break through“ AND there it was – Greece. I know, I know, you are smiling… At the very heat of the consultations on the deal between troika and Greece in Brussels – I decide to ignore this as much as possible and enjoy spending some euro in a country where no one is paying by a card anymore.

I have spent one week on an island Kos – wonderful place to forget many harsh things happening around the world or even closer… in the city of Kos…namely the refugees… breaks the heart… What breaks the heart more is the faces of the tourists when they pass buy a group of these darker smelly sad and poor human beings… even more so, when there are written opinions in media about how “those“ ruined the holiday… (point one)

(Point two) The Greeks (in Kos) when asked about the whole shabang with the crisis – sing one very narrow and painful song – Europe is taking from us everything we have….maybe…just maybe our state has not managed very well (!!!), but so what… do we have to pay for this? EU and the banks wants all our money and the vulnerable to pay – why oh why do they do this to us? They want the country to sell everything (not many can utter the word privatization) and then what? Anyways, sad thing, but at least in Kos – the only seen problem was the stopped internet banking (the hotel I was staying in, said they cannot pay the bills now as easy as they used to…) boo hoo.

(Point three) – Russians! So many Russians. Menus are in Russian, ticket sales, renting facilities and rules, explanations in shops, beaches – everything… I do believe that people are free to enjoy their time wherever they want to, but let me just quickly tell you this – on a mini bus from Kaunas airport to Vilnius (after the flight from Kos), there is a mother and her son (around 10 y.o.), they talk in Russian and among things like:“mum, what is that negro doing there?,- you go and ask that negro, son (loud laughter)“, there was another thing that chocked me as much as the previous one: “mum, what is their problem here, don’t they speak Russian?, – I don’t know, son, really, they should all do that“… (“they“ was clearly Lithuanians, as the conversation was about how the mother could not explain what she wanted in one of our holiday destinations, Palanga).

(Point four) – I still don’t know how to spend a lot of time on the beach, but if you know how to drive, rent a quad and go around the island – one week is perfect for seeing everything and supporting the Greek economy 😉

(Point five) – English breakfast is served everywhere… Probably because there are around the same no of Britons as there are Russians 🙂

Enjoy the views and go to Kos 🙂


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  1. captainjaq said,

    liepos 18, 2015 08:06

    Great pictures!! What a beautiful place.

    And I’m with you on the whole “hanging out on the beach“ thing. While I’d like to think I can do it, it’s really hard!

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